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Good morning or afternoon to everyone out there! Time for another update post going on about Chicago Duo and miscellaneous stuff, I'm sure you're VERY excited to see another one of these!

After a little bit over a month, I have finally gotten to releasing Chicago Duo Part 5. Now I am terribly sorry to anyone who has been patiently waiting after my part to be released, but I had to devote my time to my finals in college and to the bombardment of projects my teachers gave me simultaneously towards the end of the semester. And let me tell you, programming 3 projects and writing 2 essays isn't a walk in the park when you have 2 weeks to complete it all. But now that that is over with, I am now free to concentrate on what I enjoy doing, which is writing for you guys. I hope to release 2 parts per month now that summer vacation is finally here.

StoryShift has been slowly but surely been growing a bigger audience. We've already gotten ourselves 150 more subscribers since my last news post, and more than 2000 votes too. We're very happy to have so many readers with us!

Anyway, I hope that you all are having a great summer vacation, and if you haven't quite reached it yet, don't give up, you're very close to that well earned break!

Until next time, keep shifting Shifters!


If you guys are wondering why the mood of this post is what it is, one word should explain: Finals. Anyways, there are 2 weeks left for me to go through until my college semester is over. So I won't complain about it just yet.

I must excuse myself for not having posted about my release of Part 4 of Chicago Duo, but if you guys want to go ahead and vote while you still can, there are still more than 24 hours left to do so! Following your find of precious cargo and discovering it to be a prototype weapon, you'll follow George as he plans on what to do with such loot. What will George do with Ricardo temporarily out of action? And what is going on there at the end? Is there trouble about? Follow through George's journey to find out.

Now time for the STATS update. Oooo I do love posting numbers! 17 WRITERS. 2026 SUBSCRIBERS. 32999 VOTES. 849 FACEBOOK LIKES. OH. MY. GOD. Chicago Duo itself hit 2053 votes, along with 63 subscribers! Only 3 months and this is more than I could ever ask for. We are currently hard at work for the fans, and trying to promote storyshift through any form of media we can. If you all want to spread it through your friends, it would be greatly appreciated!

Oh and for those regular writers out there who have a knack for creating an immersive world and who could show us any ideas and previous works, I'm sure Evil-Dog would be more than glad to receive them. Feel free to message him on NG, skype or contact us through our Facebook group!

Keep shifting Shifters!


Hey everyone. Wow time passes by fast, I can't believe that it has already been nearly 2 weeks since my last post, but here I am once again to announce that Chicago Duo's 3rd part is now out. In the time it has taken for the voting to be conducted, the decision to be revealed and for me to write up the now released following, a lot has happened with StoryShift.

As the choice reveal has shown, the community majority vote went for saving the box from the warehouse. Now I won't spoil it for any of you who haven't been reading, but I will say that this next choice will have a permanent impact on the story. I know a lot of your given options so far have been things the character could do, but this time I switched it up a bit by giving you all a GODLY choice, one that no mere mortal in the story can make, but only you. I have also commited a little bit more research into Chicago and the 1960s (seperate subjects), so keep a look out for any small but obvious historical references, which I will also be adding more of in the future.

Just this morning, a few moments before Chicago Duo Part 3 was released, I noticed that we had racked up a total of more than 30,000 votes from the very release of the app until now. We have over 1600 subscriptions too, which I'm sure at least one of you who are reading this at the moment are a part of (if you really did subscribe, high five!). We are at a count of 17 writers and stories right now too, and still possibly increasing.

I've got to say that being a writer isn't easy though. I'm brand new at this and the world I switched to - from being a content user to content creator - is much larger than I'd ever imagined it. It is amazing to see all the work and dedication one can put into such a project. I know on my part I have been staying up late at night, hell sometimes not even getting sleep, to plan over what will happen next in Chicago Duo. Evil-Dog has been a huge help too, not only in programming, but in upholding social media (with some of us assisting), giving valuable feedback to us writers, and generally being a good morale boost when we may need it. Business aside, I've made some amazing friends.

Enough of me though- as we are approaching the end of the second month that StoryShift has been in on, I've come to realize that we still have a long, epic journey before us and that I am grateful to have anyone, especially fans, tag along for the ride. For those of you who haven't checked it out yet, be sure to click this link to visit StoryShift. And if you have checked us out at first and didn't find the type of story you were looking for, I insist you give a look again, our stories have nearly doubled since StoryShift started.

Anyways everyone, this is it for me for now, and until then,



So, after about a week since the vote has ended, Chicago Duo's second part is now published in StoryShift! With an overwhelming 1700 votes input on which choice had won, I went straight to work on what was coming up next. The vote was close, and for a moment I kept track of how the sewers and the fire escape were teetering back and forth on which one of the two were going to win, but in the end the fire escape took it home. But now George and Ricky are in a more immediate situation, and your choice will greatly affect the story's direction. Be sure to check it out, and subscribe for updates if you enjoyed it!

Thanks to you all for making StoryShift live!


25 subs to Chicago Duo

2014-03-01 12:17:44 by Dungeonkills

Good day to everyone!

After only 5 days of having first joined Evil-Dog and company with their production of StoryShift, I am simply flabbergasted at how positive the NG community has been to us all. Chicago Duo, the story in SS that has been made by yours truly, has already hit 25 subscriptions and nearly 1400 votes! This is all very exciting for me, and I'd like to thank all of those who have read, voted and subscribed to our stories, you're the reason why StoryShift is becoming a success this early on.

As soon of you may have noticed if you've checked out the app recently, everybody's story (albeit mine) is having their polls closed tonight, at 9PM EST. If you haven't read and voted on some already, be sure to check them out! A bunch of us are itching to get tapping on our keyboards on the next part, and if you liked our introductions, just you wait until the main plots start going up! I myself can guarantee that you can expect a lot more action in Chicago Duo in the future, just keep yourselves posted!


(Alright sweet I finally found out how to make a news post!)

So after a few years of fantasizing of leaving my mark on the Newgrounds community, my new good friend, Evil-Dog, has accepted me as a writer to his awesome little community of authors that make up StoryShift, where you the reader can decide the direction of the story! I've written a fair piece called "Chicago Duo", where you see the world of an early 1970's Chicago through the eyes of our main protaginist, George, as he attempts to claw his way through a life of crime and danger. Expect plenty of wise guy planning and action, this will be a bumpy ride! If you haven't found the game yet, you can go directly through this link and help support us all through your votes and feedback.

I'll be sure to keep any updates on my part posted, but if you'd like to receive news with minimal effort, you can always subscribe to myself or any other author from inside the game so you can receive news of the latest updates from your favorite writers! Or if you want to follow us as a whole, we have a Facebook page to inform you of everything we're up to! Well maybe not everything, or else that would be creepy.

Anyways, that's all I have to say for now, so I'll wish you all happy adventuring within the worlds that await in StoryShift!