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Part 5 of Chicago Duo now out!

2014-06-13 18:13:38 by Dungeonkills

Good morning or afternoon to everyone out there! Time for another update post going on about Chicago Duo and miscellaneous stuff, I'm sure you're VERY excited to see another one of these!

After a little bit over a month, I have finally gotten to releasing Chicago Duo Part 5. Now I am terribly sorry to anyone who has been patiently waiting after my part to be released, but I had to devote my time to my finals in college and to the bombardment of projects my teachers gave me simultaneously towards the end of the semester. And let me tell you, programming 3 projects and writing 2 essays isn't a walk in the park when you have 2 weeks to complete it all. But now that that is over with, I am now free to concentrate on what I enjoy doing, which is writing for you guys. I hope to release 2 parts per month now that summer vacation is finally here.

StoryShift has been slowly but surely been growing a bigger audience. We've already gotten ourselves 150 more subscribers since my last news post, and more than 2000 votes too. We're very happy to have so many readers with us!

Anyway, I hope that you all are having a great summer vacation, and if you haven't quite reached it yet, don't give up, you're very close to that well earned break!

Until next time, keep shifting Shifters!



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2014-08-11 21:30:15

StoryShift is a great idea, just wish they had little token medals, or an NG update/feed/thing/notification... just to help remind me that the app/game/submission is still there, and constantly updating!

Dungeonkills responds:

Well you can always hit that subscribe button on your favorite story to be e-mailed about updated for it, as well as like our facebook page where we keep you up to date with all our stories. I personally do my best to try to let people know here through these news updates, although the most recent part was released while I was on vacation. But yeah, e-mail and facebook are the most solid ways to stay updated!


2014-08-13 09:09:58

Ungots email, FB, YT, Twitter, and all those apps. I usually pick up books in the fall, when work slows down.