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May, Finals and Chicago Duo.

2014-05-01 03:27:58 by Dungeonkills

If you guys are wondering why the mood of this post is what it is, one word should explain: Finals. Anyways, there are 2 weeks left for me to go through until my college semester is over. So I won't complain about it just yet.

I must excuse myself for not having posted about my release of Part 4 of Chicago Duo, but if you guys want to go ahead and vote while you still can, there are still more than 24 hours left to do so! Following your find of precious cargo and discovering it to be a prototype weapon, you'll follow George as he plans on what to do with such loot. What will George do with Ricardo temporarily out of action? And what is going on there at the end? Is there trouble about? Follow through George's journey to find out.

Now time for the STATS update. Oooo I do love posting numbers! 17 WRITERS. 2026 SUBSCRIBERS. 32999 VOTES. 849 FACEBOOK LIKES. OH. MY. GOD. Chicago Duo itself hit 2053 votes, along with 63 subscribers! Only 3 months and this is more than I could ever ask for. We are currently hard at work for the fans, and trying to promote storyshift through any form of media we can. If you all want to spread it through your friends, it would be greatly appreciated!

Oh and for those regular writers out there who have a knack for creating an immersive world and who could show us any ideas and previous works, I'm sure Evil-Dog would be more than glad to receive them. Feel free to message him on NG, skype or contact us through our Facebook group!

Keep shifting Shifters!



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2014-05-01 04:57:06

Please don't remind that finals are coming up :(.

Dungeonkills responds:

Hahaha, well officially I only have 1 before I'm off the hook, but I know damn well that the teachers have some hidden exams coming up in class. But we just got to tough it out! Good luck with whatever they throw at you! ;D