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New & Proud Contributor to StoryShift

2014-02-25 20:59:51 by Dungeonkills

(Alright sweet I finally found out how to make a news post!)

So after a few years of fantasizing of leaving my mark on the Newgrounds community, my new good friend, Evil-Dog, has accepted me as a writer to his awesome little community of authors that make up StoryShift, where you the reader can decide the direction of the story! I've written a fair piece called "Chicago Duo", where you see the world of an early 1970's Chicago through the eyes of our main protaginist, George, as he attempts to claw his way through a life of crime and danger. Expect plenty of wise guy planning and action, this will be a bumpy ride! If you haven't found the game yet, you can go directly through this link and help support us all through your votes and feedback.

I'll be sure to keep any updates on my part posted, but if you'd like to receive news with minimal effort, you can always subscribe to myself or any other author from inside the game so you can receive news of the latest updates from your favorite writers! Or if you want to follow us as a whole, we have a Facebook page to inform you of everything we're up to! Well maybe not everything, or else that would be creepy.

Anyways, that's all I have to say for now, so I'll wish you all happy adventuring within the worlds that await in StoryShift!



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